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'R.E.A.C.H (Restoration Empowerment And Community Help) are having for the second time running their back-to-school care and share collection. This is in recognition of the increased struggles that many families are experiencing due to the current cost of living crisis, in particular, the ongoing increases in the rises in mortgage rates, rent, fuel, electricity and gas prices.'

This year we would like to do the Back-to-School collections in August so that school uniform and equipment is available to the children for the first day of school in September. With this in mind, we would like to collect on Sunday, 20th August 2023 before and after church.



We require clothing and school equipment as listed below for all aged primary and secondary school boys and girls of any age:

  • School shirts (Blue, White)
  • School skirts (Black, Blue, Grey)
  • School trousers (Black, Blue, Grey)
  • School jumpers (Black, Blue, Grey)
  • School cardigans (Black, Blue, Grey)
  • School coats (Blue, Black, Grey)
  • School bags/backpacks
  • Pens, Pencils, Maths sets, Pencil cases, Highlighter pens
  • Note pads, Rulers
  • Rubbers, sharpeners
  • Colour pencils/felt tips
  • Shoes and trainers

Collection Point

Sunday, 20th August, donations are being collected at the Tab Church in the Atrium before and after Sunday Service.


The collected items will be distributed to children in the Lewisham ‘Refuge for Women and children against Domestic Violence, as well as members of our church who are also members of our community and who are in need—distribution to occur in a confidential manner to avoid any embarrassment.

Thank you for making a positive difference to the children of our community.


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