Big Build - Phase 2

Thank you for coming online and checking out information regarding our Big Build Campaign!

The Big Build Campaign was launched as a result of Tab Church membership and community initiatives being greatly constrained, because of the church having outgrown our current home, a grade II listed Victorian redbrick church building on Algernon Road in Lewisham. Traditional church services are currently being split into multiple services and overflow areas within the current building often leaving the church congregation feeling fragmented in a situation where a church family wish to be able to worship in one service together.

As a result of the vision and also finance raised by the committed Tab members we were able to purchase a larger semi-derelict building right in the centre of our home borough of Lewisham.

Once renovated our new building and its design proposal will enable The Tab to continue and expand its traditional church functions and community initiatives, which are not limited to but currently include:

  • Sunday services
  • Kids church for children, crèche during the Sunday services
  • Weekly prayer meetings, Christian education and classes
  • Administrative offices
  • Bookshop/resources
  • Food Bank – hosting Lewisham Central’s first food-bank and distribution point. This is currently offered two-three times a week, staffed by 8-12 volunteers
  • Youth mentoring – support of vulnerable young people in the local community, some of whom for example have been at risk of recruitment into the gang culture in the local urban areas.
  • “REACH” community action team – which focuses its support and resources on three vulnerable groups in Lewisham:
  1. The elderly(offering days out and grocery food supplies);
  2. The homeless(offering food clothing to those living on the streets), and
  3. Women and children escaping from domestic violence (offering security and support through counselling)

Rennovation Begins

Project Concept Design

Original Condition Image Gallery

Project Design Image Gallery

What’s been completed so far

Our proposal objective for the building is threefold namely; a Church, Community and Conferencing centre. Based on all our feasibility research, consultants’ reports and architect’s drawings we believe that the renovation, extension and restoration work will enable our building to be saved, and fulfil these functions, all three of which are vital to its long term sustainability.

The property renovation and restoration work is happening in three Primary Phases, in order for it to become our new church home from which we can continue to expand our ministry work. Phase one has now been completed and we are getting ready to move forward with Phase two.


in order for the building to become our new church home from which we can continue to expand our ministry work, the property renovation and restoration work is happening in three Primary Phases.

We are excited to report that Phase one has now been completed!

The Phase one works included things like:

  • Major rebuilding of Gables
  • Installation of new roof framework
  • Repair and restore timber and masonry
  • New approved Slate tiles across entire front of building
  • New loft conversion rooms for plant work and offices
  • Installation of new ventilation roof skylights

Phase 2

We now invite you to join us as we focus on Phase two of this Big Build campaign. Phase two will be the largest and most costly part of the renovation as it includes the rebuilding, restoration and extension of the main part of the building that will house the new auditorium.

The £300,000 required to be added to what the banks have already promised us to move forward with Phase two of the project is a large step of faith.

If you have been blessed by The Tab church through any of the ministry initiatives that we bring to help the lives of people, then we invite you, our ministry partners and friends around the world to help us with the Big Build project through your prayers and financial donations to support the restoration work of the new building, we are currently aiming to raise £300,000 in order to begin Phase two as quickly as possible.

If you would like to send financial support of any amount, then please simply click on the giving button below and follow the simple instructions.

Thank you for your kind heart of generosity in supporting this vision.


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