Pastoral Care

We all go through seasons where we need support and care. We believe as a church we are a family where that support and care can most of the time be readily found usually either through your Connect Group, or the ministry team you are volunteering in. Simply asking them to pray for you, to be there for you during your time of need and you doing the same for them, helps to keep that sense of family and supply the needed support in a consistent way.

There may be times however, where because of a more extreme issue, you may feel you either need the spiritual support of one of our prayer teams, or further still the need to talk to one of the pastors for spiritual support and guidance, regarding the more urgent crisis. A member of the Pastoral Team or Prayer Support Teams are able to give pastoral guidance or support for:

  • Marriage Preparation
  • Child Blessing Ceremonies
  • Marriage Course
  • Hospital Visitation

For further information, please email the church office at , where the administrators will assist you in organising for either the Prayer Support Teams or a Pastor to contact you as soon as possible. Or call 0208-691-1000.


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