A strong part of the DNA of The Tab Church is what we call 'people helping people'. We believe it is always part of our mission as the church to extend ourselves in a very practical way to the disenfranchised people of our community and city, serving our community and beyond.

R.E.A.C.H is the community action initiative of The Tab Church, with a direct focus on doing our part in a very practical way to help bring restoration,  empowerment and community help to those in need.

We believe this is loving our neighbour, indeed it is ‘love in action’ toward the people of Lewisham and London. Through our R.E.A.C.H teams, The Tab Church is working hard and already engaged in reaching the homeless, senior citizens and many vulnerable women and children.

Through the commitment of our church to this cause and because of the loving hearts and helping hands of our amazing R.E.A.C.H volunteers, we are seeing lives positively impacted and dreams once faded now restored.



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