Tab Kids CHURCH@HOME? Yes!  At Tab Kids Church@Home (TKC), we believe children should experience the same growth in their faith and understanding of God’s love that people do in the main service but in a relevant, age-appropriate way. So each week via Zoom, we aim to inspire children by creating a ‘Fun-Filled Faith’ environment.

If you would like your children to attend our TKC Zoom Sessions, please contact .


We have two Zoom sessions every other week: TKC Zoom Lessons which starts at 9 am, and TKC Movies starts at 10.30 am.

The registration links for these sessions are sent out to parents or careers to register their child/children using their email addresses and their child/children's names.

Space Rockets: 2 – 4 Years old
Star Gazers: 5 – 7 Years old
Astrolights: 8 – 12 Years old

TKC Zoom sessions last 30 minutes or less, and TKC Movies last around 60 minutes or less and are interactive and engaging.




Your child’s safety is our priority.

All TKC volunteers pass a Home Office Disclosures and Barring Service (DBS) background check and have a member of our security team present to ensure your child’s safety. For more information on our safeguarding policies, please speak to a member of the TKC team.


We have two Zoom sessions every other week: TKC Zoom Lessons starts at 9 am, and TKC Movies starts at 10.30 am.

Our curriculum is Fun Filled Faith-based which is designed to engage the children while teaching at the same time. Our programming is intended to involve children in age-appropriate activities, interactive learning opportunities and safe, clean fun! We provide teaching in an atmosphere of love and acceptance where children are given opportunities to practice the truths they are learning in ways that make sense to them.

A Zoom registration link is sent out in our newsletters each week for parents or carers to register on behalf of their children. Please ensure you check your spam and junk email just incase.

Please ensure your child/children are fully dressed before the Zoom session starts.

No, all of our TKC activities are based on Bible stories and scriptures are shared on the screen during the Zooms. Whilst your child does not need to have a Bible to be able to participate, if he/she should like to, this is perfectly fine.

TKC runs on a term basis with breaks during Christmas, Easter and August.

We strongly suggest that parents/carers provide their child/children with a small, healthy snack during the TKC Movie Zooms.  Also ensure your child/children have a supply of arts and crafts materials to hand for the regular TKC Zoom sessions, as these may come in handy.

All of our policies and procedures are shared with parents and guardians once your child is registered. You may also request a copy of our policies by emailing Myrna Cross, Head of TKC, at

Our Zoom sessions are not recorded, and screenshots or photos are not be permitted

Anyone wishing to serve as a regular volunteer in the TKC Ministry must be a member of The Tab Church, complete the Essentials Ministry Volunteers course and must undergo a Home Office DBS background check prior to serving.

All of the information and results acquired for/from the background checks are confidentially secured by our Head of Safeguarding, Elder Sharon Grant.

If you have further questions, comments or would like to volunteer please contact Myrna Cross, Head of TKC, at

Unanswered Questions?

We’d love to talk to you in person on a Sunday, or you can email any time Email us.