Welcome to the Tab Membership discounts page! 

Membership of our church family establishes a mutual connection together under God, as our Father, and helps us to be intentional about building each other up through accountability!

On this page you will find all of the exclusive discounts and opportunities  available to you as a Tab member. 



The Sushi Co

20% Discount

Total Bill - Food & Drinks



20% Discount

Total Bill - Food & Drinks


Bella Roma

15% Discount

Total Bill - Food & Drinks


David_Cover - Copy

David Series

20% Discount


Joseph Series

20% Discount


Moses Series

20% Discount


The Tab ‘Growth Track’ is vital in helping you to get the best start as a follower of Christ and continue to grow.
Through the Growth Track’s three steps you, together with others will be engaging in short sessions designed to enable you to establish a foundational understanding of the core components important for the success of your spiritual development.

We strongly encourage you to be intentional in utilising this as a tool, to develop your spiritual growth regardless of the longevity of your membership.

The Growth Track is open to all registered Tab members.



What is my membership number and what do I need to use it for?

You can find your membership number on your membership card. Your membership number will allow you to access the Growth Track, receive discounts for local businesses, future events and resources, along with other benefits that are currently being developed. 

How do I use the members only discounts in shops?

To get your discounts at local business, simply show your membership card at the point of purchase.

Can I access the discounts via the Tab website?

There are many exciting discounts you can get via the Tab website. Including discounts on events and digital downloads. You can find them all on this page.

Do the discounts have an expiry date?

There are no expiry dates for most discounts, digital downloads and member-only content. As long as you remain a Tab Member, you will be able to receive the discounts and access the content.

We hope discounts for local business will be available indefinitely. If a local business decides to stop offering a discount, we will update this page. New discounts will also be added to this page, so remember to check back here for updates.

How do I add my membership card to my wallet?

When you become a member you will be sent an email with your membership card. Click the link in the email and your Tab Membership Card will be added to your Google or Apple wallet.

Does my membership card have an expiry date?

There is no expiry date on your card. Your card will only expire if you stop being a Tab Member

I am having problems adding my card to my wallet, who can I contact for help?

If you have any issues regarding your card, please contact the Tab headquarters by phone or email:


Phone: 020 8691 1000

Is my physical membership card still valid?

For any Tab Members that have a physical card, you can still use it to remember you membership number. However, to get discounts at local businesses, you need to show your digital card.

I am no longer a member of The Tab Church, can I still use my membership card for discounts?

When you stop being a Tab Member, your card will expire and will no longer be valid.