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The Tab Church has over 60+ years of experience of volunteers serving loyally and faithfully with a spirit of servanthood, many of whom have served for more than 3 decades, as we have and continue to grow.  We have been entirely blessed to have such a family of believers who love their church enough to want to give back, and in so doing, have helped to push the ministry forward as we advance God’s Kingdom.

This is why as part of that advance, we would like to extend the opportunity for anyone who has considered serving to do so. As we prepare for our new building, we want to continue to engage with our church and the wider community, being intentional to serve from a position of strength.

Serving: We try to make it easy for everyone to volunteer in our church. One of the criteria is that you need to be a member who has some time to share your talent in service to others. The areas below are some of the areas volunteers are always needed. In some cases, we will need experience, and in other areas, interviews and checks will take place.

If you have been attending The Tab and are interested in serving in any of the areas below, please contact us at


Social Media


Implement engaging content including keeping social media channels updated, brand-focused and finding new ways to connect with audiences.


Guest Relations


A very practical role in providing information on what's happening at The Tab.



Responsible for the seating of all attendees and ensuring the safe flow of traffic at the service.



Responsible for ensuring amenities such as heating, running water, lighting and other such facilities are, and remain open.



As part of the photography team, you will be involved in capturing pictures of Sunday Services & Worship Night Service.



Provide and maintain a safe enviroment for all Tab attendees to worship..

Lift Teams


Responsible for the lifting, pulling, carrying & putting down and moving of loads.

Video Editors


Videography is another one of our forward-facing ministries that church members see..

Lighting Technician


Involved in creating the lighting on stage for Sunday Services and Worship Night Services.

Please see the form below for the full list of departments you can volunteer for.

 If you would like to serve as a volunteer in The Tab, please fill in the form below.



Before applying to become a volunteer at the Tab, you must be a member with a Tab membership number.


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